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Finest Pool Cleaning Servicve in St Louis, MO

We offer pool services packages designed to meet and exceed your pool and spa needs throughout the year. We will handle everything from pool cleaning, salt cell cleaning, pool repairs, pool renovations, filter cleaning, leak detection, weekly maintenance, pool construction, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and pool equipment. Our pool service technicians are all factory certified to repair your pool equipment. We provide pool service for some of the largest pool companies in Saint Louis MO.

We also offer a large selection of pool chemicals at low prices that will meet your pool chemical needs throughout the year. Let our pool service pros help you choose the pool chemicals that are right for your pool by using our pool chemical selector on this website. Call us now to set an appointment.

man standing on rock cleaning commercial pool
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man cleaning large pool with a vacumm

Monthly Maintenance

Your pool needs monthly maintenance! Look furthermore, contact us today!
inside of a pool skimmer filtering system

Pool Repair

Are you looking for pool repair services? We’ve got what you’re looking for, call us now!
man in empty commercial pool installing ladder

Pool Remodeling

Pool remodeling may not be as hard as you think to get done, but with the hands of professionals, you can finish it correctly.
man standing on rock cleaning commercial pool

Commercial Pool Service

Repairing your swimming pools needs to be done correctly and efficiently. So waste no money and contact our commercial pool services now!

Overview of our Pool Service Company

Our company pool service has been providing pool services in St Louis for over 10 years. We are the pool service provider with the big blue truck. For pool repair or pool maintenance, we are the pool service you need to contact!

St Louis Pool Service Pros company provides cleaning & repairs that are affordable & guaranteed. The pool specialist provides swimming pool maintenance, pool repairs, pool opening/closing, pool supplies, and much more. You can trust us to complete your job to perfection at competitive prices.

We work on all types of pools including vinyl liner pools, fiberglass pools, concrete pools, and gunite pools (shotcrete). Our goal is customer satisfaction! We are a pool service with 10 years of experience.

We believe that pool service done properly will have a long-term positive effect on pool equipment and pool surfaces. This means pool care needs to be done with proper pool chemicals, pool filters, pool cleaners, pool pumps, and pool heaters. In addition to this, the pool service specialist believes that ensuring your swimming pool is in good shape also implies having the right pool accessories such as handrails or steps for safe entry and healthy swimmers

Our pool service is one call away when you need pool cleaning & repair done right the first time! Our goal is customer satisfaction - every single time! Did we mention that our prices are affordable? We have been featured on the news numerous times because of how affordable our swimming pool service is. Let us help you today so you can relax by your beautiful pool this summer. Get a quote today or give us a call now!

yellow rubber duck in shallow end of pool
We’ve been using St Louis Pool Service Pros for about a year and we couldn’t be happier with their service. They always show up on time and do an excellent job of keeping our pool clean and balanced. We used to have a big problem with algae but since we started using them, we haven’t had any issues at all.
Lonnie T.
My family switched to St Louis Pool Service Pros because of their excellent customer service. They are always on time and flexible with any requests that I have had over the years.
George A.
I work long hours during the week and I never have to worry about my pool. St Louis Pool Service Pros takes care of it like it’s their own.
Earl P.

Our Pool Service Services

See below for more information about our top notch pool services.

Monthly Maintenance

With monthly maintenance, your pool will be ready to swim every day. Our pool technicians are qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced to provide you with great pool service experience.

With the monthly maintenance package plus pool chemicals, your pool will look clean, clear, and safe for swimming. You can relax knowing that all pool equipment is working properly and efficiently.

Our pool technicians will get your pool up and running like new by taking care of pool winterization (and summarization), pool equipment checks, chemical balancing, testing pool water chemistry levels, water features, water testing, vacuuming & skimming dirty surfaces, super chlorinating if necessary, and brushing down pool tiles as needed. Your sparkling clean swimming pool is a pleasure to look at and feel good in knowing that pool equipment is working properly.

You will get pool service that works for you by pool technicians who are drug tested, background checked, and thoroughly screened for pool service experience. Our pool technicians are conscious of all pool safety rules and pool chemicals to ensure that your pool is kept safe, clean, and pool equipment is in top-running mode.

Our pool monthly maintenance package makes pool service easy and convenient for you with next-day availability to get pool service taken care of pool-side. Call us now!

man cleaning large pool with a vacumm

Pool Repair

Our pool repair services are vital for pool owners to avoid the cost of pool ownership. Pool maintenance is not only limited to pool cleaning, pool repairs are also important. We offer a pool repair service in St. Louis MO because maintaining a pool requires pool repair solutions to be effective.

There take place different types of emergencies that can affect your pool or spa’s functionality during the cold weather. We have skilled technicians that know how to handle these situations and provide you with pool repair services in St. Louis MO. They will give you quick results by performing the following tasks:

  • Assistance in winterizing pools during the fall season to avoid any repairs when opening the pool in spring-time
  • Assistance in draining water from the pool if it is pool pump, pool filter, or pool heater breakdown
  • Assistance in pool ladder repair and pool tile repairing services that include pool coping replacement for your pool deck.

Our company pool service experts handle all types of pool repair work because they are trained to resolve the following issues:

  • Fixing leakages in pools caused by faulty plumbing connections around the pool’s edge
  • Repair broken vinyl liners at swimming pools with concrete substratum
  • Repairing pool skimmer and pool pump breakdowns.

Pool pumps are vital accessories pool owners should consider when it comes to pool maintenance. Debris in the form of leaves, twigs, and mud cause clogging in the pool’s skimmer and this results in a pool pump breakdown. You can avoid replacing your pool pump by hiring our technicians to provide you with this service.

Contact us for pool repair services in St. Louis MO before you experience pool equipment breakdown during the cold season!

inside of a pool skimmer filtering system

Pool Remodeling

Our business offers pool remodeling services and we are more than happy to assist pool owners in St. Louis, MO with pool remodeling projects. Whether you want to build a pool from scratch or you would like us to reface your pool, we are up for the task. Our pool design team will help you find the perfect shape and size of the pool that fits into your yard seamlessly. Once construction begins, our pool contractors will make sure that your swimming pool meets building codes at every stage of the project. We also offer services to extend or accessorize your pool if necessary.

Most of our customers who opt for pool remodeling projects ask us about tile replacement services because it is one of the most profitable ways to update their existing pool without spending much money on renovations and pool remodeling. Replacing pool tiles is a great investment because pool owners will have the best-looking pool on their block for relatively little money compared to pool replacement costs.

Another important element of any pool remodeling project is adding accessories to the pool. We offer pool accessory installation services as well as pool equipment repairs so you can update your pool with a pool fountain, pool skimmer, or pool waterfalls to enhance the design of the pool area.

Whatever type of pool remodeling project you have in mind for your swimming pool, we are ready to assist you. Our company also offers regular and emergency pool cleaning and pool maintenance sessions that will keep your swimming pool looking like new all year long.

man in empty commercial pool installing ladder

Commercial Pool Service

We are a commercial pool service company in St. Louis MO, dedicated to pool care and pool cleaning year-round. Our pool service experts are trained with the most current pool technology, equipment, chemicals and pool systems available. We provide commercial pool cleaning services including pool drain and pool filter services as well as weekly pool chemical services to keep your pool clean and free of debris.

The services we offer are comprehensive pool maintenance and pool cleaning services to maintain your pool in beautiful, sparkling condition without any hassles. And the best part is that we take care of everything for you – all pool service activities are monitored by state-certified pool service technicians.

Our pool cleaning experts offer additional commercial pool services including pool heating systems, spa lighting installation, and removal, as well as a 24/7 emergency hotline available 365 days a year. We currently serve over 100 commercial pools throughout St Louis MO. For more information about our commercial pool Service, give us a call today!

man standing on rock cleaning commercial pool

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning must occur regularly to remove dirt, bacteria, algae, and other pool debris. Pool owners should clean their pool twice per week for optimal pool conditions. A weekly pool cleaning schedule would include pool vacuuming at least once along with skimming of surface debris on Sundays or Mondays, brushing pool walls on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, shocking pool water on Thursdays or Fridays, re-balancing pool chemicals on Saturdays or Sundays and finally testing water chemistry levels during the last hour of daylight hours at the end of the weekend.

Our company has a pool cleaning service for pool owners in St. Louis and we understand pool servicing can be a difficult and time-consuming process for pool owners and pool servicer companies alike. Our pool cleaning team is specially trained to clean all types of pools including inground pools, above-ground pools, vinyl pools, fiberglass pools, concrete pools, spas, hot tubs and water features.

Over the past few years, the pool industry has become more streamlined with pool cleaners that are specifically designed to handle issues such as small debris or large debris without clogging the filter more efficiently than older models of pool cleaners were able to do. Additionally, these new systems use fewer chemicals and work more efficiently than pool cleaners before them.

Call us today for a pool cleaning service.

worker on edge of commercial pool vacuuming pool walls


Sometimes pool owners loathe about pool season: pool closing and empty pockets. The majority of pool guests don’t think twice about the inconvenience they will cause when leaving a mess in the pool, forgetting to turn off the pool lights, or draining all of the water from the pool pipes before leaving for home.

Winter is fast approaching St Louis MO with cold weather creeping up on us faster than we expected it to this year! For St Louis, Missouri area residents who own pools now is time to start preparing yourself for winterizing your pools. There are many great reasons why you should consider professional service for your summertime fun but not required enjoyment! However, there is a HUGE benefit pool owners get from pool closing services in the St Louis MO area.

Our Winterization services St Louis MO pool owners have many advantages including the following:

  1. Lower pool heating costs!
  2. Reduce pool chemical consumption for crystal clear water all year long!
  3. Get the pool ready for Spring Opening preparations a month early!
  4. Keep leaves, bugs, and other contaminants out of your pool this pool season!
  5. Provides peace of mind when it comes to pool safety.
  6. Increase the pool service life of pool equipment.

Our company pool closing services in St. Louis MO pool owners can help you get your pool service ready for the winter months ahead by pool equipment inspections, pool system balancing, pool cover installation, pool pump and filter winterization, pool light winterization, pool chemical testing of pool water.

Give us a call today and we will give you pool winterizing prices and pool service specials!

man installing cover during winterization process

Pool Equipment Repairs

Like any other pool equipment, your pool pump needs regular maintenance and repair to ensure that it runs optimally.

Here are a few pool equipment repairs that our pool service professionals can help you with:

  • Various pool pump problems -
  • pool replacement pumps,
  • pool repair parts

Pool Motor Replacement is one of the most common pool motor repairs. If you notice any odd noises coming from your pool pump, call us immediately. We might just be able to replace the impeller before the problem starts affecting your entire pool system.

Pump start capacitor replacements on variable speed motors on VFDs

Pool Equipment repairs - pool pumps should be cared for just like your other pool equipment. It is a good idea to have pool pump repair services done at least twice a year. We can help you with pool pump motor replacement, pool pump capacitor replacements, pool pump impellers, and many more pool equipment repairs.

We have pool repair professionals who are experienced with pool equipment servicing, pool electrical services, and pool pump & motor replacement.

Give us a call today for more information. We are the pool service professionals in St Louis MO!

open wire box on pool motor during repair

Pool Inspection

You need a regular pool inspection from expert pool service in St. Louis if you want to ensure that your pool is safe and fun for all members of the household. In addition, pool inspections are a requirement set forth by the state of Missouri pool code. When you need a pool inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Because of the number of responsibilities required by pool owners, it can be easy to forget some very important things when it comes to maintaining pool safety standards. From chemical levels and proper pH balances to following the right swimming pool safety laws, there’s a lot more involved in taking care of your pool than most people! A professional pool inspection provides pool owners with a pool inspection checklist that ensures their pool is running efficiently and safely for the entire family to enjoy.

In addition to pool inspections, pool owners also need to have their pool chemistry levels tested by pool service in St. Louis every few weeks. These are the levels that are responsible for pool water being the right pool chemical balance so it’s safe to use.

If pool chemicals are not balanced, pool owners can experience pool chemical burns, or even pool chemical poisoning if pool owners don’t monitor pool chemistry levels closely. Both of these risks are largely eliminated by pool service in St. Louis pool chemical testing.

Pool Restoration

Restoring your pool to its original appearance is the best way to get the most out of your pool. Our pool services in St. Louis MO can restore your pool to its original appearance and ensure that the pool looks like it did when you first bought it.

Just like pool repair, pool restoration is a multi-faceted process that includes draining and backwashing the pool to remove debris; acid washing or pool resurfacing, brushing and skimming pool walls; various pool repairs such as pool tile repair, grout repair, pool coping replacement, pool plastering, and pool painting.

As part of pool restoration services in St. Louis MO we also offer:

  • Chemical testing (pH level, alkalinity, and chlorine levels);
  • UV treatment;
  • Pump profiling;
  • Wattage checks;
  • Concrete refinishing;

Pool glass replacement; and even more! As you can see pool restoration services in St. Louis MO go beyond simple repairs and pool repair services in St. Louis MO, pool restoration is something that pool owners cannot afford to delay without risking pool deterioration over time.

The pool restoration process ensures that your pool will look new once again! Call us now for pool services in St. Louis MO or book online by clicking on the “book an appointment” tab on our website. We are looking forward to helping you restore your pool back to its original beauty!

man in empty commercial pool installing ladder
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Our Approach

We are a pool service company in St Louis MO and we handle pool service pool repairs, pool maintenance, and pool supplies.

Our company was established to provide pool service St Louis pool owners could trust. We have worked hard to build a stellar pool service record that is backed by many pool service testimonials from pool owners who have used us for their pool needs.

We work tirelessly to meet all pool service requests within 24 hours of the request. Our average response time is less than 24 hours. We service pool owners from throughout the greater St Louis area.

Our services include pool service, pool repairs, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and pool equipment.

You can rely on our experienced pool service staff to provide the following pool services in St Louis MO:

  • Pool Repair
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Remodeling
  • Winterization

Contact us today for more information about our pool services! We are looking forward to hearing from you pool owners!

Frequently asked questions
You can book pool cleaning through by calling our pool cleaning service or by filling out our online pool cleaning service request.
It is important to get pool inspections done because this will make sure that pool cleaning and pool maintenance services are completed correctly. It’s also a good idea to get pool inspections done before pool opening or pool closing.
You should wait at least 24 hours before swimming in the pool to get the chemical levels balanced.
You should never use pool chemicals from one pool season to the next pool season because the water chemistry will change. We recommend getting a pool inspection done before pool opening and pool closing.
Keeping pool chemistry balanced is important because pool water that isn’t chemically balanced can affect pool equipment and pool surfaces.
Your pool should have chlorine levels of 1.0-3.0 ppm, ph 7.2-7.8, alkalinity 80-120 ppm, calcium hardness 200-400 ppm.
You should run your pool for 8-12 hours per day to get the pool water balanced.
Your pool filter should be cleaned when the pressure rises 5-10 psi over normal operating pressure.
You should wait at least 24 hours before pool entry to allow pool sanitizer levels to become stabilized after pool treatment.
We will need to have access to your pool so it’s important for pool service calls to be completed during normal pool hours.
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